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CPS Engineering manufacture components used right across the Navy, from mine sweepers to submarines.

Most marine grades of aluminium (5083 and 6082) are ex-stock
in sheet bar and rod, as are the other non-ferrous materials such
as Ali Nickel Bronze and stainless grades such as 321 and 316.

Dry Dock Refurbishment

CPS Engineering has it’s own finishing plant on site so very quick lead times can be achieved. This has proved crucial when the fleet is being refurbished because many parts are retro fits that require modifying as well as replacing at very short notice.

Painting, Planting & Engraving

CPS Engineering offers a huge range of processing, such as Alocrom 1200 or Irridite (Rosh compliant), Zinc plate, Anodising.

Apart from a massive range of RAL Colour Powder Coatings, CPS also offer many different colours in 2 packs. BS381C colours such as Light
and Dark Admiralty Grey, Goose Grey and Storm Grey are ex-stock.

Both pre-treatment and paints are to relevant DEF STANS.

Certificates of Conformity are standard and free.

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